Website Resources

Below is a list of helpful websites for you to explore. I have chosen these sites because they represent excellent resources that support and provide a great deal of helpful information on healthy human sexuality. By no means is this a complete list nor will these resources be a right fit for everyone. If there is a specific resource you need help finding, please feel free to contact me.

Denver/Boulder Area Resources

General Sites 

Teens & Young Adults  

  • Scarleteen: Inclusive and comprehensive sex education for teens to those in their twenties

  • Birds+Bees+Kids: A great source for parents who need help talking to their kids about sex  

  • Sex. Etc. : A general site by teens for teens on sex, relationships and more

  • Young Men's Health : A general for young men's health, including sexual health

  • I Wanna Know - Information for teens/ parents from the American Sexual Health Association

LBGTQ Focused


  • Kink Academy: a comprehensive library of sex-ed videos on beginner-expert kink

  • EduKink: Articles on beginner-expert Kink from San Francisco Presenters/Experts Angela and Iain

  • FetLife: The social network for the BDSM and Fetish community

Sexy News & Sexy Shows 

Blogs By Fellow Sexologists

Toy Store