Sex therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy in which concerns are viewed through the lens of the bedroom. To address sexual concerns, I focus on the strengths of my clients using a solution-focused and skills-based approach. I address concerns that may be hindering clients of their fullest sexual expression using a person-centered approach that is open-minded, sex-positive and nonjudgmental. Because sexual experiences often take place in the context of relationships, I also use a comprehensive model of intimacy and emotionally focused therapy (EFT) to enhance sexual and emotional intimacy.

Sex therapy is for Everyone. At the end of the day, being human means we are sexual beings. As sexual beings, we all carry complex sex histories. These sex histories include lifelong family and societal messages that affect our sexual functioning, body image, and relationships. Sex therapy can help a person explore their past sex history and find solutions to enhance the present and future. Not only are humans sexual beings but we are one of the few animals that have sex for pleasure. Sex therapy can help everyone experience a more fulfilled, enhanced and pleasurable sexual self.

Common concerns for WOMEN

  • I love my partner but I just can’t seem to find any desire for sex

  • I get right to that edge of orgasm, but can’t seem to go over.

  • I want sex more than my partner and I just don’t get it. Does he not find me attractive?

  • Every time my partner enters me, my vagina burns with pain.

  • When my partner tries to enter my vagina, it tightens up preventing penetration.

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Common concerns for COUPLES

  • My partner and I used to have great sex and be on the same page. The past few years, we have dramatically different levels of sexual desire.

  • I am not sure if my relationship is fully satisfying me sexually and emotionally.

  • My partner had an affair and I am so devastated. I love my partner and I want to save the relationship but I don’t know where to start.

  • My partner and I are getting married soon and want to smooth over some sexual differences.