I help women Uncover more ease in intimacy for a love that lasts

My clients usually say to me “I wish I wanted sex but I just never think about it. I feel like something is wrong with me. Am I broken?”.

The problem is not them and it is also not you. It also isn’t a lack of motivation because I know they, like you, are aren’t afraid to do the work. The problem is they don’t know how to get out of being stuck and into easy, pressure-free intimacy and affection. They don’t have the information on how to approach their relationship in a way that creates positive and sustainable change. Even if they have some information they gathered in the spare seconds of their busy life from a book here or a Youtube video there, it isn’t enough to really make any lasting impact.

They think “it shouldn’t be this hard!” and they are right. It shouldn’t be and it isn’t so hard when you have a guide and a simple roadmap to follow. 

I would be honored to be that guide and to be honest darn right excited! My mission is to help as many women have an internal smile, a sigh of relief and overall confidence and relaxation knowing their intimate relationship is going well rather than an internal cringe, guilt, and frustration because of an ongoing intimacy struggle. Not only am I a Licensed Professional Therapist and have a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, but I have also helped hundreds of women learn easily how to be more intentional about the intimacy in their relationship so they can stop stressing about sex. With a background also in Emotionally Focused Therapy, I have extensive knowledge in helping you as a couple be free from the negative patterns that can hold you captive.

I have also been where you are at in feeling lost, frustrated and wanting the barrier to intimacy to go away but not knowing how. I didn’t have that guide in the past and I would love to be that guide for you so you can confidently move down the path Intentional Intimacy.

What do I mean by Intentional Intimacy? It’s all about taking purposeful action toward the goal of more ease in intimacy for a committed love that lasts. Intentional Intimacy means:

No more stress

No more pressure

No more feeling stuck

No more wondering why you don’t want sex

No more thinking “‘is there something wrong with me?”

Just Imagine:

What if you could understand and embrace your sexual self so that you had more joy and ease in intimacy?

What if you identified what blocks your inner desire from being able to play more freely? 

What if you felt more relaxed and natural when it comes to sex?

What if you knew that you are not broken and your sexual self is more than enough?

What if you were more comfortable in your sexual self so you could say yes to intimacy without the internal struggle or hesitation?

What if you felt a lack of pressure with no-strings-attached affection so you always felt close to your partner? 

What if you could comfortably and confidently initiate intimacy?

What if you felt confident to speak up for your needs inside and outside of the bedroom?

What if you could make sure you have balance in your life so you have space for all the important things, you and your relationship included?

What if you knew what intentional actions to take in your life and relationship so you can knew your committed love would last?

What if you no longer felt guilty about intimacy being at the bottom of your busy to-do list?

What if you knew how to navigate life’s transitions in a way that didn’t jeopardize your relationship? 

What if you could remove the barrier between you and sex with your partner so your sex-life was no longer an issue or topic to be avoided?

What if your sexual self was fully free and confident to authentically show up in the world? 

I would love to work with you and be your guide and if it seals the deal, I can even wear a Yoda costume as I help you with direction, knowledge and motivation along your Intentional Intimacy journey. There are the ways you can get the support you need:

  1. Visit the Intentional Intimacy Blog, which is a free resource full of information to guide you on your journey.

  2. Join the PRIVATE Women’s Facebook Group for exclusive support and content not available anywhere else.

  3. Enroll in Online Coaching or In-Person Therapy (for those in Colorado) for the intentional women ready to make mega heart-centered changes in her life.

And if you are still on the fence, check out what other lovely ladies just like yourself have said about their transformations:

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Words cannot adequately describe my gratitude for Dr. Chelsea and our work together as the experience has been truly transformative. Like many Americans, I struggle with depression and anxiety and am a “people pleaser” through and through. These tendencies greatly affected my self-concept and impacted my ability to form healthy relationships – both platonic and intimate in nature. With Dr. Chelsea’s assistance, I have been able to rediscover my true self, learned to more effectively communicate my needs and desires, and strengthened my ability to establish appropriate boundaries. Additionally, I am now, after 21 years, no longer dependent on medications, as Dr. Chelsea has helped me attune to my anxieties and their causes and use them as catalysts for growth and change, not be debilitated by them. Dr. Chelsea has done this all with patience, empathy and understanding and has remained completely non-judgmental even as I revealed my darkest secrets and shared my deepest shame. I am forever grateful to her and know that I am now a better version of myself because of her.
— B.H., 35

The beauty of my work with Dr. Chelsea has been to understand that my sexuality is as much a part of being human as sleeping, exercise, eating, etc... Dr. Chelsea has given me a safe place to come and talk about my sexuality and learn to embrace it for the first time in my life. This has been a big process of “deprogramming” lifelong messages discounting the existence and beauty of my sexuality. I’m less scared of my sexuality because of my work with Dr. Chelsea. I am grateful!
— P.B., 57

Dr. Chelsea always gives her undivided attention, has a very welcoming space and personality, gives useful homework assignments, was able to pinpoint what was bothering me and offer practical resolutions when I could not do that for myself. Above all else, She really helped me overcome behavior patterns that were not working for me. We practiced over and over again and now that hard work is paying off in not only my personal relationships, but in all facets of my life. I owe it to Dr. Chelsea for helping me to speak my truth and build up my confidence to a level I never thought was imaginable. She knows her stuff despite being young. She’s truly passionate and I have no qualms about recommending her to anyone!
— K.J., 31

You can also reach out to me if you have any questions at all. I am here for you!